Production of acrylic crystal furniture accessories

The SDesign company in Turin is the confluence point of a new generation of creatives, where technical innovation, new materials and craftsmanship experience blend in to form an infinite range of unique products of their kind.
Thanks to the continuous cooperation of experienced designers, with experience in continuous updating courses and valued creative craftsmen in the field of complement, for more than 25 years sdesign is present on the national and international market with its own furniture accessories made entirely by hand with acrylic crystal.

With the collaboration of masters of furnishings that have been working in the form and depth of the various workings for years, sdesign reports the wisdom and ability to attract its customers with the concept of imagination.

And it’s with this partnership that a strong team is created and allows our company to be distinguished in reinventing new objects everyday.

The ductility, brilliance and high quality of the acrylic crystal allows SDesign team to realize real works of art that are distinct from dozens of products made in series with the most common plexyglass.
The products of SDesign in Turin are in fact unique pieces because they are made by hand, from the stage of
design to final sanding, and the acrylic crystal gives them an unmatched luminosity and durability, creating:

"the acrylic crystal that transforms light into not just equipment furnishings"

Our great strength is the ability to restore shine with a simple polishing treatment eliminating any scratches caused during daily use.

Within this catalog you will find:


home and studio accessories;